Since 1992, Ares is the trade marketing of SAURO to the international market with emphasis on both quality and service.

Thanks to this experience and to the Sauro advanced manufacturing technology, our standard or design-in products have met the special needs of our different clients.
Our unique relationship with Sauro electronic connectors, in fact, allows us to be completely Customer Oriented and fully able to provide customised solutions for any design challenge.

Currently trading in over 55 countries worldwide, our offices are based in Veneto, Italy and all our products are exclusively made in Italy.

Ares is constantly seeking new business and is keen to hear from both existing and prospective clients.

Information regarding the full range of products is available on request through the on-line contact form or by contacting the sales engineers at one of our addresses.

Please browse our products pages an overview of our product range.

We look forward to hearing from you.